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Every order has a 7 day return. When you place an order 30% will be placed into a Veterans fund that we will donate at the end of the month. Grunt Mafia is about the military men and women who fight for us everyday. Being a Veteran ourselves makes it easier for our customers to make the right choice in us. Grunt Mafia understands the need for great gear at a great price. We offer special discounts from time to time.



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If you see something and you cannot find it, please contact us. Grunt Mafia will work hard to find it for you. When you contact us please have the name or manufacture number. We are in the process of adding product everyday and strive to keep the cost down.


     The purchasing of quality gear is our main mission to each of you. That is why Grunt Mafia, LLC works hard to bring good quality products to you in a timely manner. The processing of orders may be immediatley or may take a few days from the time of order reciept. We ship by Grunt Mafia Standard Shipping, USPS, or UPS. All of the products listed have an in-stock, pre-order, and or back order notification. Grunt Mafia, LLC cannot guarantee that the product will always be in-stock due to lag times between us and the manufacturer. This is also due to ordering of the same product from different customers. Pre-Order items will add delays to shipping as they must come direct from the manufacturer to us for inspection. Back order items are just that, they will ship when they are available to us which can take a few days or longer unless stated. Grunt Mafia, LLC sends out notifications automatically when an order has been placed and shipped with a tracking number through emails or registered accounts. It should be understood that our lag times are based on the manufacturer and is not always guaranteed. Although rare, sometimes there are discrepancies that occur in our online inventory, which may result as an in-stock item being an out-of-stock item. Grunt Mafia, LLC will contact you when we are notified by this discovery and will work hard to solve the issue. 

    Some of the  products we carry are Grunt Mafia, Fox Outdoor, BlackHawk, Leupold, MagPul, EOTech, Rothco, 5.11, Sure Fire, and many more. Each product is rugged and can handle anything you put them through. Some of the products are NTOA complient.

    If you have any questions please contact us info@gruntmafia.com 

    Thank you!